What does Instagram Stories say about the future of social media?

Undoubtedly social media is an essential part of culture in the modern day. Its reach is continuing to grow, accessing new audiences every day, making it the perfect platform for businesses. Facebook and Twitter were the original networks that dominated the sector, and have seen many companies come and go (remember Vine?). Others have been successful in cracking the societal code and have been accepted into a part of daily routine, Instagram and Snapchat for example.

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Why understanding your audience’s emotions is key to being a good marketer…

Marketing is not as simple as it used to be, fact. Past campaigns, adverts and slogans all have one trait in common; they promote and provide solutions towards a happy resolution. It is seen to be an unquestionable feat that when you buy their product you will then become happy. The era of marketing in the 1960s is a prime example for an industry that mass produced a happy advert equals happy customer format.

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Here’s why website design is more complicated than you think

In today’s society we are constantly exposed to the web and its endless amount of websites. We skim through the sites like a book not taking much, if any, notice to the design and content on the pages. That is why it’s a web designer’s job to make you take notice. While it may seem simple, it’s not; web design goes beyond eye-catching colour schemes and well placed elements into a world of design you didn’t realise existed.

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What is unconscious branding and should marketers take it more seriously?

With any business branding is as essential as the product or service being offered itself. Without a brand, there is no connection to be made with the audience and therefore potential customers.

In order to market your brand, you need to identify the audience and tailor the brand to make it seem appealing. This is achieved through association with certain values and characteristics, that link it to certain lifestyles through stereotypes. This is often achieved through public advert campaigns seen across a variety of platforms such as radio, TV and the Web.

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