Goodbye January blues… bring on 2017

I like to think of myself as an optimistic person, one who always finds the silver lining in a bad situation. However, this month I have suffered from January blues, like many, the grey and dreary days have got to me all too much.  The relentless cloud, fog and rain we have witnessed in Portsmouth (and all over the UK) has made it near impossible to look on the bright side.

Currently over half way into my placement, the 9 to 5 work days have become a normality and summer seems painfully far away. However thankfully January has come and gone, and those summer days are one step closer. And I am determined to make February full of fun and success (yes you can do both), and most of all to stop moaning about the weather.

I have decided to use these gloomy days as motivation to work harder, spend less time on (my guilty pleasure), and to enjoy the small moments in life more. Hopefully come summer I’ll have finished my placement to the best of my ability, and have earned a summer of fun; which is already lining up to be full opportunity and travel. One of my best friends and I, are going to explore Bali, and I’m also planning a trip to Portugal to name a few. In between holidays I have managed to secure myself a PR internship in London, before I return to University in September to knuckle down for my final year.

I’m shaking off these blues with determination, and whilst it may be easier to moan, I’m over it.



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